From Model-Driven Development to System Engineering Science
DANES/Quasimodo/ITEK Mini-conference

Intelligent embedded system plays an important role for adding value to products for improving our daily lives. However, these systems are often very complex and difficult to develop correctly, cost-effectively and timely. The purpose of this mini-conference is to discuss the development of a System Engineering Science for Embedded Systems based on the latest results on improved methods for developing complex embedded systems that have been proposed by the Danes and Quasimodo projects that are now nearly completed.

The envisaged program will consist of highlights from the involved projects, and discussion of future directions. We aim for a strong industry presence and preferably illustrated by cases presented by industry partners.


Wednesday June 15

 10.00 -  10.30 Opening and welcome: Kim G. Larsen, Aalborg University
 10.30 - 12.15 Danes Session, Introduction by Kim G. Larsen (15 mins)
12:15 - 13:00 Lunch break
13.00 - 14.30 Quasimodo Session, Introduction by Brian Nielsen (15 min)
  • Analysis of the Chess Wireless Sensor Network by Frits Vaandrager, Radboud University, NL, and Marcel Verhoef, Chess, NL
  • The Neopost Case, by Mariëlle Stoelinga, Twente University, NL
  • Controller Synthesis in the Hydac Case, by Kim. G. Larsen, Aalborg University, DK
  • Risk analysis at Movares by Judy Romajn, Movares, NL (15 mins)
14.30 - 15.00 Coffee Break
15.00 - 16.00 Future challenges and collaboration
  • System Enginnering Science: Challenges and Vision, Rune Domsten, Prevas, DK
  • SMEs, Reseach and FP8, Henrik Valentin/Tom Togsverd, DI ITEK
  • Discussion


DI's konferencefacilities at
Hotel Crowne Plaza, 4th floor
Ørestads Boulevard 114 - 118
2300 København S

Danes - Danish Network for Intelligent Embedded Systems - is a consortium of Danish research institutions and industrial partners supported by the Danish Advanced Technology Foundation with the aim of developing and evaluation a model-driven and component-based development approach process for the future intelligent embedded systems of the future across the industrial sectors spanned by the partners.

Quasimodo - Quantitative System Properties in Model-Driven-Design of Embedded Systems - is a European research project funded by the European Commission under the IST FP7. The main goal of Quasimodo is to develop new techniques and tools for model-driven design, analysis, testing and code-generation for advanced embedded systems where ensuring quantitative bounds on resource consumption is a central problem.
DI ITEK is a Danish association of IT, tele-communications, electronics, and communication companies (within the Danish Industry association) that are contemplating future national initiatives in embedded systems design.

Registered Participants

Paul Pop, DTU
Rune Domsten, Prevas
Marcel Verhoef, Chess
Henrik Valentin, DI
Poul Hougaard, Terma
Tom Togsverd, ITEK
Frits Vaandrager, Radbaud Univ, NL
Kim G. Larsen, CISS
Kai Mittermüller, Hydac
Marielle Stoelinga, Twente University, NL
Frits Vaandrager, Radboud Universiy, NL
Poul Jessen, PAJ System Teknik
Steen Ulrik Palm, Terma
Arnd Hartmanns, Saarbrucken Univ, D
Anders Tranberg Hansen, Icepower
Brian Nielsen, CISS
Alexandre David, CISS
Anders Peter Ravn, CISS
Thomas Bøgholm, CISS
Petur Olsen, CISS
Arne Skou, CISS
Mehdi Gholami, CISS
Martin Rissgaard Jensen, Skov A/S
Thomas Bjerre, Højteknologifonden
Jan Madsen, DTU
Judi Romijn, Moraves, NL
Preben Albrecht, Danfoss Power Electronics
Andrzej Wasowski,ITU